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In Sum

I'm Adeline Ellis, or BigFake.
I do music! Here it is.

I sing, I write songs, I make sampled beats.
I do all of my work on computers.
I don't have my own music space yet, all of my work is done on my laptop in my bedroom.


My Own Music

Comeing Soon

Work For Others


Episode IV: The Cell Games
(Released: January 24, 2015)

Episode II: Zenkai
(Released: February 14, 2015)

4 Better Or 4 Worse Or 420: The Resurrection
(Released: May 3, 2015)

Mr. Wrestlemania
(Released: January 21, 2018)

Now What?
(Releasing Soon)

Perfect Cell
(Releasing Soon)

Kabuto The Python:


Dive Bars:

Dan Canon: